Ladbrokes has some fantastic promotions this Summer

Ladbrokes has some fantastic promotions to kick start a beautiful summer and to help celebrate the start of The Euros. Please see below for more details on LadbrokesTop Promotions in June.


Ladbrokes Casino Slots Championship

To mark the start of The Euros, Ladbrokes Casino will be kicking off its own big summer tournament: The Ladbrokes Casino Slots Championship.

The Slots Championship will commence on the 8th June with the winning slot being crowned champion after the final on the 1st July 2012.
The Slots Championship follows the same format as The Euros with 16 of our best slots being placed into 4 qualifying groups. From then on a turnover race will decide the winners of each round, the top two slots will progress from each qualifying group and into the knockout stages and fight it out until we crown our champion.

Customers can take part in this promotion by depositing and playing on any of the slot games involved in the tournament.

The breakdown for each round is as follows:

Group Stages – To enter, customers must deposit and spend £20 or more
The customer with the highest turnover during each of the Group phases will receive £500 cash and 50 randomly selected customers will also receive a £15 bonus.

Quarter Finals – To enter, customers must deposit and spend £40 or more
The customer with the highest turnover during each of the Group phases will receive £750 cash and 50 randomly selected customers will also receive a £25 bonus.

Semi Finals – To enter, customers must deposit and spend £50 or more
The customer with the highest turnover during each of the Group phases will receive £1000 cash and 50 randomly selected customers will also receive a £30 bonus.

The Final – To enter, customers must deposit and spend £100 or more
The customer with the highest turnover during each of the Group phases will receive £2000 cash and 50 randomly selected customers will also receive a £45 bonus.

This promotion is valid for the following territories UK, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Thailand and Spain. If you need more information content or images please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A great way for new players to play the Ladbrokes Casino Slots Championship is to claim the 100% match bonus up to £500 (or equivalant). Please see details below.

Option 1
£5 – £50 100% match – play your bonus on all games. Just 20x turnover.
Option 2
£51 – £250 100% match – play your bonus on all games. Just 30x turnover
Option 3
£251 – £500 100% match – play your bonus on all games. Just 20X turnover

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Ladbrokes is giving away £2.5 million worth of prizes to be won in cash. This will be separated over 9 prize draws, 10 slots over £38,000 of cash prizes.

All you have to do is spend £10 on the game of the week; shown in the table below, and you will automatically receive an entry ticket into the prize draw to win thousands of cash prizes each week, ranging from £25 to £25,000.

The 300% match (spend £10 get £30) welcome bonus continues, this also includes 1000 Laddies Loyalty Points for any new customer.

Best of Luck!

Different Home Refinancing Options

Many people find themselves in a difficult situation when paying their loans, especially with the current real estate market. Since a home is one of the biggest investments most people make and being able to keep it and pay for the mortgages is a very crucial matter. Many people are now looking into home refinancing options to help them through their difficulties. Refinancing is a great idea if it can get them in a better situation. However, knowing when you may need this is important. In what circumstances do you need to refinance your home?

To Lower Your Monthly Payment

It is worthy of attention to check whether mortgage interest rates dropped significantly. Because home refinancing options can radically decrease your mortgage payment. For example, you can lower your monthly payment if you can get a lower interest rate, change the terms of your mortgage or bag an interest only loan where all you need to pay is the interest for a specific period of time.

Switch From Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) to Fixed Rate Mortgage

If the fixed rate mortgage is being offered at a lower interest rate than your current Adjustable Rate Mortgage, you may want to get a refinancing. Deciding upon getting this refinancing option is highly dependent on how long you are planning to stay in your home. You can maintain your current ARM loan if you plan to stay in just a couple more years, but if you plan to stay for good; you must get a fixed rate mortgage to help you with your financing.

Change from a Fixed Mortgage to an ARM

If your current loan is a Fixed Mortgage but you do not plan to stay in your home for a long time, changing to a lower Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan is advisable. It will save you a remarkable amount of money by allowing you to pay other things than your house. It is a very practical home refinancing option, especially if you are already counting the days before leaving your house because you do not have to worry about increasing interest rate.

It will take some time and thought to make sure that home refinancing options will really help you with your financial difficulties. With careful decision making and planning you can create a secure and stronger financial situation for you and your family.

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Where to Trade Gold?

A lot of people are looking for means and mediums to trade their gold. However not many of us are sure where to trade gold. If you want to get the most money out of your gold all you need to do find out where you can trade your gold for maximum profits. Here are some ideas on your choices as o where you can trade your gold for quick cash.

First off gather all your gold items or jewellery so you can have them evaluated properly. If your jewellery is gold, it should reach the 10k mark and above. Find out what is the current spot gold price in the market. Don’t rely too much on what you see from the news at the television.

Now that you have a good understanding of how much you can sell your gold items, you need to locate and find out what are your options for trading gold. Jewellery shops are one and you can bet that they are putting up ads that they are buying scrap or unwanted gold. This is due to the fact that they are interested in the melting value of your gold, not its resale value. Pawn shops are the same. They will buy your gold and place its value on your gold’s melting value.

Another avenue on where to trade gold is through the internet. Online gold buyers have been around for awhile now and they offer a much better value for your unwanted gold. They evaluate your gold and once evaluated, they offer premium payment for your gold. If you are unsatisfied with what you are getting from them, they offer a free return policy. Aside from the fact that it offers you more comfort and hassle free in finding brick and mortar businesses to trade your gold to, online trading involves no awkwardness when negotiating.

These are your options on where to trade gold for a quick buck. Remember that it all boils down to your choice and which of these options presented will offer a greater deal for your unwanted gold.

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Obtaining Car Insurance Quotes Online Supplies Several Benefits

The numerous conveniences which can be located on the Internet aren’t an edge for many years to people that needed to get coverage on their autos. Because of this reality, it frequently meant that it would require a large amount of a person’s time to get estimates from many different firms supplying coverage. The explanation this often became a process which was time consuming is simply because these individuals only had just a few methods of finding estimates for their vehicle coverage necessities. The main options they possessed was to ride all around town from one particular agent to a different one, or they would look in the pages in their area telephone directory. Possessing the advantageous option to acquire car insurance quotes online means these other methods do not even have to be used ever again.

Click Here For A Great Car Insurance Rates – Low Price And High Quality

A large amount of motorists are provided with quite a few benefits once they make use of the simplicity and usefulness that can be found using the Internet. A lot of precious time can ultimately be saved whenever a person chooses to make use of the benefits that are offered to them on the net. The gas money that it generally required to actually drive from agent to agent is definitely a thing that won’t have to become an expense to worry about when men and women make use of this specific technique. When men and women of today make the decision to attempt to find car insurance quotes online, it actually supplies them with the extra advantage of enjoying the conveniences present in their own home. You can actually search for agents offering coverage at your convenience while using the Internet, which means you no longer have to feel as if you should dash around finding an agent.

When you look for car insurance quotes online, you will also discover that there are other benefits also. To locate great coverage options and very low rates, it is important to research a number of agents, and this particular approach gives motor vehicle owners the perfect opportunity to be able to achieve this. This makes it easier to select an agent that performs the best for each and every person’s specific circumstances. Obtaining car insurance quotes online gives you the opportunity to look through several different options which have been supplied on premium rates, combined with specific coverage that you’ll be supplied. When sufficient levels of coverage at some of the best premium rates to be found are what you are looking to find, you’ll discover this is one of the most important steps to use to make this happen.

You are going to also notice that looking to find car insurance quotes online is an effective approach to discover discounts that quite a few agents supply to customers today. Many of the agents that can be found online also supply their customers with more cost-effective rates from non-smoker discounts, safe driver discounts, student discounts, in addition to several others. When you want to ensure you obtain the best coverage at the least expensive rates, in addition to obtaining some reduced rates that agents offer, your best solution is to look for car insurance quotes online.

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Why Do Gold Trading Online?

Gold is the perhaps the most valuable and investor friendly metal ever. It is accepted all over the world regardless of country and currency. Gold is a universally accepted trading product. Gold is a powerful demand growing by the day. Online gold trading has become a wonderful stage for investing with the goal to increase your wealth. There are a lot of reliable websites that provide assistance when it comes to gold trading online.

Gold trading online gives you the chance to invest in a wider market. Gold market changes regularly and the prices are almost constantly fluctuating. With gold trading online trading you can be updated on the real time gold prices. Gold trading online can also help in reducing the threat of price increase. Gold trading online does not demand your constant attention and time, unlike any other businesses where it requires your constant attention. Gold trading is relatively safer for both short-term and long-term investments. Because of these reasons that many people have shifted to gold trading online.

Gold can be seen in two ways, it can be an additional investment that adds color and authority to your market and investment portfolio along with your other investments. You can also view gold as a stable commodity in the trading and investing market.

Gold exchange trade funds are funds that were designed to track the price of gold. These can be traded easily like stocks. These are not easily influenced, so share can rise or fall. There are a lot of methods on how you can do gold trading online, one of them is you can trade it in the stock market through exchange trade funds, or do it through Forex accounts.

Once you have made a decision do gold trading online, it is essential that you find a trustworthy and knowledgeable broker. An honest broker with the likes of a Forex market broker, will assist you to buy and sell gold in the easiest and most stress free manner possible. This is possible through the utilisation of a Forex trading platform. There are a lot of tools available online for trading gold in a Forex trading platform that you can use.

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Government Student Loan Program Methods

Many governments have resorted to implementing methods of repaying student loans because even after completing school, some students are still not able to repay their student loans. To ensure that both parties benefit, the government comes up with a way where a student can repay their loan and still serve in the public sector. A government student loan program ensures that students are able to pay off their student loans without straining too much or working too many jobs. A student loan ensures a student completes their education without working too many jobs in an effort to raise tuition fees.

People Who Benefit From Government Student Loan Programs

A government student loan program has several methods from which students can choose to make payments. They all involve serving the public and putting in time mostly in ways that most people do not. This may include working in remote areas as a doctor or nurse because these areas have very limited medical personnel. The government student loan program enables doctors or nurses who work in these areas for about 2 years to save up to 70% of their student loans. Another method that the government uses to help people pay off their student loans is the teaching profession. Teachers in certain schools are eligible for partial payments of their student loans in about 5 years. This includes teaching in schools where financially unstable students attend. It also involves working in public schools for at least 5 years.

Joining government or federal agencies is also part of the government student loan program where members of the public are required to join the army and serve at least 2 years and get about 70% of their student loans cleared. In addition, citizens who opt to join the army can also apply for scholarships and steer away from student loans in the first place. This way, the government gets young and energetic members of the public to join the army and the students get a chance to receive either full or partial scholarships.

Other people who are helped by the government student loan program include law students who will serve the public for at least two years after graduating. These lawyers will also offer free legal aid to members of the public who cannot afford legal aid. Other people who benefit from the government student loan program include people who join the Peace Corps who are willing to be deployed in other countries for two years. In this case, both the government and the students benefit from the government student loan program.